Kardashian, Kidman, Even Snookie: A Rash Of Hair Cutting?

Kardashian, Kidman, Even Snookie: A Rash Of Hair Cutting?

You know how it is. You do something and maybe a few friends or some Facebook pals get wind of it. Shoot across some Instagram pics and maybe you are the talk of your circle of friends for the afternoon. In the end, who cares? But a celebrity, like a Kim Kardashian or a Nicole Kidman, even Snookie, get into something, fire off a few Twitter pictures and, God forbid, maybe engage in the same activity during the same week, well a seeming epidemic is a ‘raging!

The afore mentioned ladies cut their hair, in fact Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian revealed shorter locks just this very week.

Kanye’s missus tweeted a pic of her shorn locks (and not really all that short, as the ends of Kim’s locks now tickle her shoulder) with an “I cut my hair short today.” It seems Kim K. is getting ready for this weekend’s 57th Annual Grammy Awards seemingly in support of her husband who will be performing with Rihanna and Paul McCartney. Kayne West is nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song and it seems Kim wants to look her best for her man.

Nicole Kidman revealed what is called an “asymmetrical” cut when she showed up at the Berlin Film Festival. In addition to the shorter cut Tom Cruise’s ex also sported blonde to her signature strawberry hair color.

Sure, at any time it is a woman (or man’s) prerogative to cut their hair, but we’re not particularly cut crazy here at the Guci Image salon in Paramus, N.J.  We are ‘crazy’ about giving our clients what they are after-the very best hair restoration, hair replacement, scalp rejuvenation services-but cutting, coloring, the actual decision making on what you want your hair extensions to look like or the style of your CTR unit, is up to you.

Though our technicians will ‘suggest.’

There is no trend with what we do, no seeming epidemic of style, no one size/style/cut/color fits all.

Guci Image is in business to get you feeling the very best about you….now!

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