2024 Hair Wear Resolutions

2024 Hair Wear Resolutions

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As we get back to the gym and swear off sweets or begin the long slog of finally getting our finances in check, or even facilitate significant changes like leaving one job for another, Guci Image offers our Hair Wearer Resolutions for 2024. Take to them or not, but it is our considered opinion that this edict (actually, just three suggestions) from our Paramus NJ salon might just make your life better (and your hair care easier) in the new year…and beyond.

These three can even be applied to men and women who do not wear hair:

  1. Schedule hair appointments as far in advance as you can

As 2024 gets going, most likely, none of us will see things slow down. Sure, we are all trying to uncomplicate our lives, but let’s face it; you have plans, things you need to attend to, and future goals, all wrapped up in what you must get to daily. As we have always been cautioning, see if you can schedule your next appointment with us when you’re leaving your present one. It just makes life easier. If not, make sure to call as soon as you know your schedule for the upcoming month and log your next visit to Guci in our book!

  • Consider ‘normal’ aging to the look of the hair you wear 

Greying, thinning, and even a change of hairstyle can serve one very well when naturally aging the hair you wear. Consult your Guci Image stylist about the subtle changes that can be made to keep your hair looking natural as you age with it.

  • Be realistic with the style/color with the hair you wear

As we have written and surely say to clients all the time, hair trends come and go. While some new style worn by a Kardashian or a Clooney might as much pique your interest as make the blog o’ sphere, it might not be the best style for you to wear. You need to trust your Guci technician on this point and defer to what they know looks best for what you are wearing. Remember, styles come and go.

We hope these three hair resolution suggestions will allow you a smoother transition into 2024 as you continue to wear hair, visit Guci Image, and look as great as you always have.

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