‘Nordic White’ and the Icy Extremes Of Hair Trending”

‘Nordic White’ and the Icy Extremes Of Hair Trending”

Playing some color into a CTR unit, or weaving highlighted strands into an extension is one thing. But when it comes to wearing-hair, as your Guci Image stylist will tell you, (and what we have expounded on plenty here), extremes simply do not work to your advantage. It is just a nature-of-the-beast kind of a thing that any trend that draws attentiont to your hair-cut, style or color-and is truly unusual, is probably not the kind of attention you want. The latest of these trends is ‘Nordic White.’

Taking platinum hair color to an extreme, one actually gets a purple tint off this super white coloring. Following 2018’s most popular hair colors; toasted coconut-like blonde, ‘oil slick’ smooth, icy shiny hair is the latest most popular color. Celebs like the various Kardashian-Jenner ladies, Cara Delevinge and Taylor Swift have gone blonde in this most extreme snow white way; it’s also popular with Games of Thrones fans who just love Daenerys Targaryen’s look.

It’s said that fashion is cyclic, but is trending? Will what we see gaining traction across Twitter feeds or blog posts for a few days, make a real dent in our culture or come round again in some ten years? As a leading hair replacement studio, we certainly keep up with the latest in haircuts, style, and coloring. But one must surf so much that comes at us, and really consider what might have staying power or we might see someday in the future.

And as a team, working hard to make you look the very best you can, we all must consider when something is just too extreme for our particular world (you are not riding the fields of Westeros after all). Trends will keep coming for sure, cyclic or not, but you need to be comfortable wearing your hair every day of your life.

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