A Specific Hair Salon

A Specific Hair Salon

In this New York Times article, just posted, readers learn about Dr. Livoreil-Djampou, ex-head of a laboratory at L’Oreal, opening her salon hair salon, Studio Ana’e in Paris (and two more) catering to customers with “textured” hair. It seems Paris was deficient in salons that could cater to men and women who needed a more specific treatment for their hair because of their ethnicity. From haircutting, coloring, creating custom-made wings, and deep moisturizing to providing private spaces for women wearing hijabs, Livoreil-Djampou’s salons exist to answer to anyone who has a more specific concern and needs treatment the everyday salon can’t deliver.

Surely, with something as detailed as hair restoration and hair replacement, the men and women needing Guci Image services need experts to work on them. It takes specific attention, a commitment to working a certain way even within an already highly-specialized field, amassing a workforce unlike most others, and consistent research and well-test implementation to deliver the services we deliver here at Guci Image. 

It takes, a specific hair salon.

Luckily, these days, specific salons are littered across the landscape (not just in New Jersey or Paris) to meet the many and varied needs of the clients who come to us. And it’s just as easy to find these salons through simple and quick Internet searches. What takes time is vetting a specific place and researching a salon’s employees and work ethic to make sure that what they deliver is what one actually needs.

Surely, most of the hair population can pop into a local barber (if you can find one these days) or a salon for the simplest of cuts and procedures. Super Cuts and places of this salon type, offer quick turn-around hair services for the man or woman seeking them. Fortunately, folks needing a more specific salon can walk into one of Dr. Livoreil-Djampou’s salons or come to Guci Image for exactly what they need.

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