The ‘Small-World’ Problem Of Caring For The Hair You Wear

A weekly blog, some Instagram posts, Facebook updates really don’t matter much in the face of real ‘big world problems.’ The potential drama of a Biden vs. Bernie debate, weird Northern New Jersey weather concerns, the rising concern over the Coronavirus, when one lays out all the stuff coming at us daily, it’s often hard to pay attention to our own, personal needs…like worrying about the hair you wear. But there is something to be said about addressing the here-and-now of our lives, the every day we need to manage every day, putting one foot in front of the other and getting on with getting on. The man or woman attempting to keep the their Guci Image hair in the best condition possible, driving over to our Paramus, NJ salon for regular services, considering changes to their cut and color as they age, might indeed be addressing a ‘small world’ problem. Still, we do feel it is something important to pay attention to.

As we have often cautioned, what you do at home, conditioning, brushing, and washing your CTR unit or extension, will undoubtedly add to the luster and life of your hair. And also, as you know, the proactive Guci Image client is one who keeps to a regular schedule of visiting us, as much for general services, as ‘cut-ins,’ as to add color. 

Yes, there is so much that can distract any of us from our personal lives (it doesn’t even have to be something as dire as considering the seemingly global intrusion of some new virus). Sometimes it’s all any of us can do to just delve deeply into a distraction enough that we can calm our mind for a few moments. And yes, attending to the Guci Image hair you wear might fall into the category of a ‘small world’ problem, remember, it’s one of the few things that you can and should be, attending.