Yes, Needleless

Yes, Needleless

This recent article on microneedling reminds us all that there are plenty of ways to battle hair thinning and balding. At Guci Image, we offer these kinds of solutions…and one of ours is needle-free! 

Many men and women coming to our Paramus NJ office are familiar with our Lace Wigs, male CTR units. Others are with our Cold Fusion extensions and our SmartGraft hair transplants. These are all part and parcel of what our northern New Jersey hair loss center offers to hair loss sufferers. 

We also offer some non-invasive procedures for stimulating the scalp that have been scientifically proven to propagate hair growth. 

There is our Laser Light Therapywhere we employ a therapeutic red light to the scalp. The scalp cells absorb the low-level laser light we treat it to, stimulating blood circulation. This, in turn, breaks down the collection of bad testosterone that increases the chances of hair loss, helping to strengthen and regenerate hair roots, and slows down the resting phase of hair follicles to quicken the growth of new hair. All this activity occurs on a sub-cellular level that a laser light can undoubtedly affect.

We also offer a needleless, painless mesotherapy treatment to regrow hair, needless and painless being the operative words here! Using a technology developed in Barcelona, Spain, and the first needle-less mesotherapy gun ever used in the U.S., the treatment is applied to the recipient’s scalp. The one-of-a-kind device increases the absorption of active hair loss ingredients into the scalp’s deeper skin layers, with electroporation energy and transdermal delivery completing the treatment. 

The point being here is that while microneedling and other procedures have been found to help in hair regrowth and slow down hair thinning, Guci Image is always striving to find the newest, best-researched, fully FDA-approved, and most non-invasive solutions for our clients. 

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