Taraji P. Henson ‘Wigs Out,’ But She Still Has Nothing On Guci Image

Taraji P. Henson ‘Wigs Out,’ But She Still Has Nothing On Guci Image

Paying homage to a score of black female performers, Taraji P. Henson brought style, attitude, and plenty of wig and extension changes to her hosting the BET Awards this past Sunday. In fact, one could say that the Empire star, as much delved deep into her own TPH haircare products line as made her hairstylist, Tym Wallace, work overtime in helping her change up her look a dozen times during the show. Channeling Tina Turner, Henson sported a choppy blonde wig (with gold sequin mini) as much as she sported knee-long braids for her Erykah Badu turn.

On such a well-seen platform, where style marches right alongside celebrity and musical performance, once again, we were reminded of the startling options women have in wig and extension wear. These options are something Guci Image has championed and offered at our NJ hair replacement salon since our opening. And we dare say; we will offer them pretty much into the future.

We see hair extensions and wigs everywhere these days. They are undoubtedly ubiquitous for musical stars, from Dolly Parton (who has pretty much always worn them) to a Katy Perry. And the score of ladies who sport ever-changing extensions on any of the various “Housewives of…” shows playing across Bravo are legendary. For the most part, though, the ladies above don’t wear extensions or wigs to cover thinning hair…this is the difference in what Guci Image offers.

From our Cold Fusion Hair Extensions to our Lace Wigs, we only ever use state-of-the-art materials and techniques for the women who comes to us with their particular hair needs. Our reputation as the top northeast hair replacement salon has been made and hinges upon delivering the very best hair replacement and hair restoration for women…and men.

Taraji P. Henson wore her wigs and extensions perfectly for the 2021 BET’s the other night. 

Rest assured, Guci Image takes wigs and extension wear even more seriously.

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