Jennifer Lopez’ s New Cut For Guci Clients?

Jennifer Lopez’ s New Cut For Guci Clients?

If you happen across the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, you will see Jennifer Lopez gracing its cover. You will also see her sporting as much as sexy tuxedo top as a strikingly new strict blunt ‘bob’ hair cut that ends just about at her chin.

You try and manage a cut that drastic to the hair you wear!

As your Guci technician is sure to tell you, cutting your extensions, a lace wig or a male replacement unit in a style you don’t usually wear, as much as adding color to it should be met with some deep considerations. Even though you might have what you feel is a great new style in mind, be influenced by a Lopez, a Perry, or a Timothée Chalamet, or simply want a change in your everyday look.

First of all, if you come not to like the new cut, even with us putting a rush on a new unit, you will have to live with the changes for a few months at least (extensions are easier to change). Secondly, some cuts as much may not flatter your face (yes, Jennifer Lopez might be luckier than most enjoying the luck-of-the-draw of good DNA, but rest assured you don’t see the lady at public appearances or magazine shoots without a team of stylists). And what’s more, some cuts will certainly NOT flatter your hair replacement unit or extensions.

When you come to wear hair, you have to accept that there are certain limitations to what Guci Image gives you. In helping to return your confidence, and the look you want, a hair replacement client needs to remember that since they are not wearing their natural hair, there are as many styles, cuts, and colors we can manage for you as plenty we would advise against.

Let J.Lo have her day; you have to be slightly more judicious when considering a new cut.

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