Hair Extension For Short Hairs

Hair Extension For Short Hairs

If you think hair extensions are only meant for long hair, then think again! Girls with short hair too can get hair extensions whether you have a pixie crop, bob or a lob. For short hair, it can become quite a daunting task with regards to which type of hair to choose. Additionally, there are several factors which you need to take into consideration such as the length you want for your hair, your natural hair color, the length and thickness of your short hair. Hair extensions for short hair should blend well with your natural hair so that people could not make out the difference. Many people believe that the trick to perfect blending depends on the type of extensions you choose for your hair and the expertise of your stylist.

There are varied types of ways to apply hair extensions. Out of them, depending on your current hair style, you may opt for any one of the hair extension methods. It is important that you choose your hair extensions carefully if you have short hair. As a general rule of thumb, girls with short hair should have at least four inches of hair to play with for hair extensions to look natural, especially if you’re making clip-ins your extension of choice. It is advisable that girls with bob haircut should go for clip-in hair extensions as they are the best option for girls who are looking to lengthen their cropped haircuts. This is because clip-in hair extensions are clipped underneath the hair, which helps to disguise the clips for a seamless, natural finish, opposed to glue-in extensions which can be a bit more difficult to hide. Clip-in hair extensions may not suit well if you have an inch or just two-inch long hair, since the length of your natural scalp hair should be enough to hide the clips and weaves of the hair extensions.

Both glue-in and fusion hair extension types are suitable for both short as well as very short hair styles. Most of the times, many girls opt for glue-in hair extensions and sometimes it may happen that the weft portion is visible. This happens because the gluing is not done properly. This is one of the costliest types of hair extension. In this process, a heating application is used attaching artificial hair with natural hair as there is no alternate method to install the extensions.

Girls with short hair can try these hairstyles with hair extensions


 Hair bow hairstyle

Hair bow hairstyle is a type of hairstyle suitable for girls who are less than 30 years old. There aretwo ways to style your hair into hair bow hairstyle. One is simple and very easy to do which only needs to apply a cute and delicate hair bow into your hairstyle. Another is making your hair into a hair bow like Lady Gaga.




Type of hairstyle for wedding 

You can opt for this type of hairstyle when you want to attend a wedding or go traveling. Flowers are one of the most romantic and chic option for girls, and it is the best accessory to style your hair. You can choose either natural or artificial flower for this hairstyle. Flower can also be applied to braided ponytail or half-up and half-down hairstyle.




 Hair Extension for Wavy hairs 

Wavy hair is one of the hottest hairstyles among celebrities for various ceremonies. It looks simple, sexy, easy to create and very simple to maintain. A 20 inch wavy human hair extensions can be helpful if your natural hair is short and thick. Different waves can get unlike effect on different girls. If you are not sure about which kind you can wear, you better search for some related information before you start. There points you should take into consideration which are your hair texture, hair length and the shape of your face.




type of hairstyle


 Braided Hair style

This type of hairstyle is a must for a formal occasion. You can choose from any of the updo hairstyles such as elegant updo, braided updo, quick messy bun updo, twisted low updo, etc. The most interesting fact about updo hairstyle is, it is suitable for all age groups. Pick the one you like and you can have a try at home. You are suggested to have a middle length hair before you start.

Now a days many woman are taking advantage of newest technologies in hair extensions, and they’re spending big bucks to do so. One of the luxurious options is the Great Lengths System. This type of hair extension assures that you have the highest quality of hair, which is long lasting and offers you most natural looking results. This type of hair is free of any previous chemical treatments and dyes, and it also benefits from the shine and detangling benefits of a cuticle that is facing in all the same direction.

Great Lengths & She hair extensions

She and Great lengths are best hair extensions available today. She hair extensions are completely customized for every person, including the hair color, texture, density and end result. If you are opting for Great lengths hair extensions, be sure about it as this process requires so some good amount of investment.

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