Celebrities Known For Their Hair: Dusty Hill, Beard Champion

Celebrities Known For Their Hair: Dusty Hill, Beard Champion

Plenty of celebrities are known for their hair, long or short, or even for being bald. From a Patrick Stewart to a James Brown. From ladies like Lupita Nyong’o’s signature shorter style to the flowing locks of Crystal Gayle. Then there are the obvious hair units and wigs that our best and brightest have made so very well known. Dolly Parton’s array of wild wigs to William Shatner’s hairpiece, among the most famous. But arguably, no celebrity has been known for his beard more than Dusty Hill, the dearly and recently departed bassist for the band ZZ Top.

With his bandmate Billy Gibbons, Hill sported an iconic rock and roll beard (ironically, ZZ Top’s drummer, named Frank Beard, is the only member of the trio without a beard!). Singing as much as handling the low end to the iconic blues-rock trio since its creation in 1969, Hill co-wrote lots of the band’s big hits, “Gimme All Your Lovin'” and “Sharp Dressed Man,” among them.

He died this week at the age of 72.

But Hill’s beard, his look, his style, and certainly his cool live on in the band’s music and certainly in the image they portray on stage, in hit MTV-era video and on band album covers and photos. And a very cool rock and roll style will always live on.

For the Guci Image client, ‘rockin’ hair is most important. Sure, there is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to ‘go bald’ or style their thinning hair best they can. But we are in the business to create hair to wear, to restore youthful confidence, to ‘not go gentle into that good night,’ and battle back balding and thinning hair with the very best hair restoration and replacement in NJ.

Dusty Hill was known for his beard; Guci Image customers want to be known for having hair. And have it they do.

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