“Banana Clips, Scrunchie and Headbands, Oh My!” Hair Accessorizing For 2018

“Banana Clips, Scrunchie and Headbands, Oh My!” Hair Accessorizing For 2018

In fashion, as it is in music, as it really is with everything we experience in our culture, what is old becomes new again in not so long a passage of years; this is true in hair wear styles too. It seems this fall will see the return of not only the scrunchie, but also banana clips and headbands. Here we go ‘round again, one can certainly declare when it comes to hair accessorizing for 2018.

For those of us who wear hair from Guci Image, any accessorizing or styling comes with patience and concern. Not to overstate a point or to make anyone skittish, but any styling, be it retro or new, need be considered, at least slightly, for the man or woman wearing extensions or hair replacement units. As it is when trying new colors or cuts, New Jersey hair restoration clients just need take a smidgen more care on what they do to their hair, even when just accessorizing.

Luckily styles for the fall allow for accessories like Invisbobble’s “Sprunchie” scrunchie update, high couture designer Alexander Wang’s banana clip and Prabal Gurung’s Flexi Comb Headband. The more options new fashion allows, the better it is for us all, especially those of us with special considerations.

One comes to Guci Image indeed for options in hair care, wear and restoration. Every one of us is fully aware of what is available ‘out there’ for restorative hair possibilities and Guci provides the very best and the most possibility to our clients specific needs. One need wear their hair easily, without concern, in the full brush of confidence that a full head of hair gives one. And to be able to accessorize in any way we see fit, be it with scrunchie or clip, adds to that confidence one comes to Guci Image for.


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