A Hair Transformation Starts With…You

A Hair Transformation Starts With…You

Not that any of us should be surprised that when a Kardashian/Jenner makes even the smallest change in their appearance, it makes the news. But this week, Kim Kardashian, with the help of her ‘dream team’ hairstylist Jesus Guerrero and makeup artist Ariel Tejada, revealed an Instagram pic sporting blonde hair and bleached eyebrows. Then there was singer Billie Eilish, surprising her fans this week, as much sporting blonde locks in the video for her new single “Your Power” (see here) as in the pin-up-like pictures she had taken for the June issue of British Vogue. (Billie also made the cover, see here).

That’s two major hair transformations in one week to arrest the news cycle!

There is a singular specific hair transformation a Guci Image customer encounters. And one he or she can make all the more seamless when they come to our NJ hair replacement salon.

To fight a fundamental change in the gradual thinning of one’s hair, it’s not enough to recognize and accept that you are thinning (which is not the easiest of conclusions to come to, for sure). But then one must search their options and, if of the mind to do something about their hair thinning, find, then engage a top hair replacement/hair restoration facility. And even though a specific service, there are plenty of salons that offer balding solutions. Guci Image happens to be a premier hair replacement salon in northern New Jersey, but there are plenty to choose from across the country and the world.

This admitting, then researching, consulting, then engaging in the commitment of wearing hair has to start with the hair wearer. Guci Image will facilitate the rest, but the hair wear client has to come to us to start what we always hope will be a long and happy relationship. 

Take that first step if you haven’t done so already. We are here for you.

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