Adriana Lima’s Hair No No

Adriana Lima’s Hair No No

These days anyone can get into trouble, or at least called out across the net by self-appointed culture critics for pretty much anything. From what we wear, what we say, and most recently, it seems, even from how we might style our hair. Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima was criticized this week for a picture she posted on Instagram, where she had her hair fashioned in cornrows. Captioning the photo “Bringing a little of my urban/chic spirit to life this am,” a bunch of folks took to social media ASAP to tag the model with Cultural Appropriation.

You can read more details here.

It’s interesting to note that Lima has African, Japanese, Portuguese, and Swiss as her various ethnicities. 

We can attest that hair wearers don’t much have these concerns. The typical Guci Image client is too busy just hoping that the style, cut, and color they sport looks natural, stays healthy (and attached), and that they can retain the confidence they gained when they began wearing their wig, hair unit or extensions. We assure them of all this and more. 

The hair wearers who come to our Paramus NJ salon are only ever looking to ‘appropriate’ a natural look.

It’s been often said about these modern, overly communicative times that everyone feels they have a ‘voice’ now simply because there are so many places one can post their opinion or even show themselves across a TikTok video. We tend to forget there are a whole bunch of people moving on with the here-and-now flow of living life. What we create, maintain, and work hard to better the quality of at Guci Image is made to keep that flow of youthful panache our clients come seeking when they walk through our doors.

And what we appropriate for them every day.

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