Let Them Have Shower Caps: Aquaman’s Main Lady’s Style

Let Them Have Shower Caps: Aquaman’s Main Lady’s Style

One of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season, Aquaman, stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Adding to the buzz of this new comic offering at the movie’s various premieres this month, Heard has taken to wearing some wild haute couture across red (and even blue) carpets. In London just this week, she wore a gold and emerald green dress with a plunging neckline and train… with a matching shower cap.

Fashion question, statement or…it doesn’t much matter.

We all know when a member of American royalty wears something it is instantly accepted. We have all seen the most outrageous styles suddenly become fashion (remember the rubber bracelets and lace cut-off gloves Madonna used to sport?) and come round again in vogue. Will Guci Image customers take to wearing shower caps now out and about on the town? The odds are not good in favor of this one-off choice by Johnny Depp’s ex, but one never knows what will spark like a comet for only a brief time or become a new ‘trending’ style.

New haircuts, color, and styles are something any good hair replacement salon need be aware. But it’s also something one can’t worry so much over. To do the best for our North New Jersey clients, Guci Image recognizes what is happening in our culture, but we apply what we can, when we can, in the best cut, extensions, and replacements. There’s no real alchemy in this; first and foremost we need to create a hair replacement unit or work extensions that will best give our clients back that lustrous hair they once had and do so in a way that it can be maintained and remain consistently undetected. There’s not much more to it than this.

As everyone does, Guci Image clients or not, we all live vicariously through an Amber Heard or any of a number of celebrities. But sometimes it is best to let them have their shower caps.

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