Laser Hair Growth vs Removal

Laser Hair Growth vs Removal

As this article features, when it comes to lasers and hair, one often thinks of removal. However, here at Guci Image, when we think of and apply lasers, it’s for hair and scalp health…and for stimulating hair growth. 

The Laser Light Technology we use is an FDA-cleared, low-level application that nourishes the client’s scalp and promotes hair health by sending energy pulses to inactive hair follicles. Low laser light can penetrate deep inside scalp tissue, where topicals and massage simply can’t. Our LLT stimulates blood circulation and metabolism of cells as well as their protein synthesis and assists in the breakdown of DHT(Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that can cause balding, to prevent further hair loss and perpetuate new growth. The consistent use of LLT stimulates red blood cells, increases the scalp’s natural delivery of needed nutrients, and can help clear debris from the hair shaft. 

Exploring, influenced by, and applying up-to-the-minute scientifically proven hair growth and restorative processes, Guci Image came to employ LLT as much as all the rest of what we do. But frankly, laser application may be the one place where we present a decidedly flipped-side-of-the-coin to how lasers are usually used on/with hair! 

Laser light aiding hair growth was found by accident during experiments Endre Mester was conducting at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, in 1967. Looking to see if laser radiation would cause cancer in mice, Mester shaved the dorsal hair of his little subjects, then divided them into two groups. One group he treated with a low-powered “rub” laser. But to his surprise, these mice not only did not get cancer, but their hair grew back faster than it did in the untreated group. 

Thus, the unwitting first demonstration of laser biostimulation.

It wasn’t until 40 years later that the US FDA cleared the first laser device to be used in the treatment of hair loss and increasing scalp health, first in men, and then four years later, for women. Guci has been along riding that light all the while.

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