Too Many Hair Restoration Solutions?

Too Many Hair Restoration Solutions?

There are a bunch of healthy hair procedures, as well as hair replacement options that we offer at Guci Image. Our clients pick which works best for them after a deep-dive consultation at our Paramus salon and careful consideration of just what they might need. We have worked hard to present these options and stand by each one.

We have always known that a good salon couldn’t ever offer a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a hair replacement solution. However, searching the net, you will undoubtedly find plenty of salons, companies, and even physicians getting behind one balding solution or another. Some of what you will find ‘out there’ spreads like wildfire in its popularity, gets great press as a new miracle cure application or procedure. While still other balding solutions are the sole invention or application of one salon or company.

Survive long enough in the hair replacement business, and you see lots of stuff.

Surely, plenty of these procedures and hair units are vetted by scientific research (and some not) and become industry standard lasting solutions that stick around and make real strides in balding. And then there are a bunch that don’t last as long as it takes to get their advertising up and running! Especially in this day and age where news travels faster than it is sometimes made, the public comes to learn all too quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Doing our due diligence as we always have Guci Image assures our clients that what they find here on our website, whatever they might choose after a consultation, and whatever their technician will come to apply is the very best we have to offer at this time. Indeed, we consistently see scientific advancements in hair replacement technologies and even topical options, as we have throughout our years in business. But we know that right now, we have plenty of ways to help any person with thinning hair restore the confidence and look that’s so important to them.

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