S.A.G. Awards Hair Stylings

S.A.G. Awards Hair Stylings

The Grammy’s, Golden Globes, The Academy Awards, yes the event-award show-T.V. broadcasts are being trotted out for us all in full force. One can’t help but get caught up in the hoopla, even if one doesn’t much care about the hoopla, with social media and daily news feeds letting us in on all the goings on. Instagram and blogging keep us all informed, probably even more then we want to be as we all catch wind about the speeches, winners and losers and certainly the fashions and hairstyles on our favorite stars. It’s as if the ubiquitous ‘red carper’ flows right into our living rooms! We certainly all got an eye at the recent S.A.G. award hairstyles.

Side pony tails were seen on Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon, while Jared Leto threw his signature long locks this way and that and Lupita Nyong’o probably presented the most unique hair style with a pile of braids circling her pretty head. Twirling and posing for paparazzi and reporters at the S.A.G. awards-and really at any of these kind of events-our biggest and brightest seem to be consistently revealing that all manners of dos and done these days.

All manner of haircuts, colors and styles are certainly available for you here at Guci Image. Our technicians are as much trained to apply SHE Extensions and CTR units, as they can cut, color and style to your specifications. This is really what truly makes a hair restoration salon’s reputation; as much as Guci Image fits you with hair to wear that is rendered for maximum visibility as well as ‘wearability,’ we can fashion your hair in any way you imagine. At our Guci Image Paramus New Jersey salon we want you to feel confident in the hair you wear.  

We know your ‘award season’ occurs every day.

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