Exploring The Options of Guci Image Hair Replacement

Exploring The Options of Guci Image Hair Replacement

When it comes to hair replacement in N.J. (anywhere for that matter), men and women have many options. Not all of them are worthwhile pursuing, though. Plenty are more costly than they are worth. And too often, seemingly reputable hair replacement salons do not specialize in the procedures they offer. Guci Image is a top hair replacement salon, having worked in the field for decades. And we present safe, scientifically researched, and undetectable options for our clients.

Such as:

Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR). This is the world’s most advanced non-surgical hair replacement available. Using a surgical transplant schematic of a frontal hairline and a non-surgical medical-grade skin graft material, this thinner than thin (thinner actually than a contact lens) material is the base for our single hair-injected technology. As Guci’s owner Joe Lore is fond of saying, “The CTR is not a hairpiece, it is hair technology at its very best.”

SmartGraft® Developed by physicians, medical scientists, and engineers working together to create a one-of-a-kind system, the SmartGraft® employs state-of-the-art technology rather than a scalpel. Because of this, recovery time is lessened to a few days, where usual hair surgical replacement recovery can take weeks. By automatically counting, storing, and moistening the hair grafts, this procedure time is reduced in third, and implanting hair grafts as quickly as they can be during a SmartGraft® increases their health and overall life of the hair.

For women especially, Guci Image was one of the first hair loss centers in the country to offer “Cold-Fusion” hair extensions. We use 100% virgin Remy hair, kept together by a method based and refined on our “Great Lengths” keratin copolymeric compound and ‘double drawn,’ divided and matched according to different lengths. Our hair extensions are second-to-none in longevity and beauty.

Men and women facing hair loss have a wide variety of options for hair replacement and hair regrowth.

Guci Image offers the best of both.

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