The Truth About Biotin And Hair Growth

The Truth About Biotin And Hair Growth

Biotin has become one of the more recent all-natural cures for people looking to stop balding or hoping to get their hair back as thick as a shampoo model’s hair. But, as with so many supplements before it, too many miracle pills to name, Biotin’s hair restoration promises come up short. Across various websites and studies (we explored just two here of many that can be found online: Medical News Today and Harper’s Bazaar), the truth one must admit is that Biotin does not stop hair loss or thinning hair. Furthermore, most adults aren’t even deficient in this B7 vitamin and adding more Biotin to one’s diet won’t really do much good.

And in some cases, it could do some bad.

Biotin is vital for converting the food we eat into energy. But if one eats a varied diet one is probably ingesting plenty of this B-vitamin (Biotin is present in pork chops, eggs, sweet potatoes, fish, and nuts…to name but a few foods). Therefore, even in men and women with thinning hair, a biotin deficiency is rare; adding it into one’s diet won’t ingesting promote hair growth or thickening. 

And more recent scientific tests show that taking too much Biotin can throw off blood test results. It can as much create a false positive for women taking pregnancy tests as false negatives for people going in for cancer screenings.

Losing one’s hair, suffering through, and trying to hide day-to-day thinning will lead a person to seek a wide variety of cures. One can’t be blamed for putting their hope into something like Biotin, something that is actually natural to us, so readily available in the rash of its recent popularity and relatively inexpensive. The only thing is…science does not support Biotin’s remarkable hair claims.
Guci Image though, stands behind all of our hair restoration options.


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