Ariana Grande Gives Good Pony In “God Is A Woman”

Ariana Grande Gives Good Pony In “God Is A Woman”

Ariana Grande God Is A WomanWhile she might be recreating a #Me Too-inspired reinvention of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” one can’t help but notice Ariana Grande’s various uses of visually arresting hairstyles in her new video God Is A Woman. The pop star has swung her locks plenty for us over the years, working a signature ponytail look lately, one born actually from Ariana’s need for healthy hair survival.

In dyeing her hair for the role of “Cat,” on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat show Grande suffered some major hair damage (Guci Image battles hair damage with our White Diamond Ultra-Sonic Hair Repair Therapy, to name just one of our patented process for female hair health). Since that time when she first came on the scene, Ariana Grande has let her locks free as possible, from flowing curls in 2013, to long sleek straightening, to the ponytail look she is most now known for.

In the just ‘dropped’ God Is A Woman video, Ariana Grande pulls out all the stops in hairstyle. We see her in a tightly braided do, sporting headbands, facing the camera at the backs of rows of models showing off luminous long different color locks, and of course, stunning uses of her ponytail. Her pony is much whipped tightly to her head as left free to fall wild down her back, and from under a helmet.

Presenting ever challenging hairstyles, costuming and provocative video images, Ariana Grande is simply competing with the eye-catching attempts of contemporaries like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. Any pop diva looking to stay on top has to as much promote a quickly recognizable style, as Ariana certainly does giving good pony seemingly 24/7, as forever challenging herself to present newer looks we can all drool over.

She the just dropped God Is A Woman video here.

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