What the AMA’s teach us: The most popular hair style is…having no most popular hair style

What the AMA’s teach us: The most popular hair style is…having no most popular hair style

In the ‘old days’ style was cyclic. We’d get a few years of something so popular it couldn’t be ignored, than we’d see a hint of it come around again, reinvented, maybe two decades later. These days, with Instagram and other social media trending and “influencing,” nothing stays on the public conscious for long and even when it does make the grade, it is exploited to the nth degree. Peaking in on the American Music Awards (AMA’s for short) over the weekend, it was apparent that there is no one specific hair style more popular than any other these days; the fashion for modern hair seems to be anything and everything is making the scene. And this is a fact that should give Guci Image customers pause and relief.

From Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini and Constance Wu just letting their short locks lie, to Tyra Banks and Jessie James Decker letting loose with their long curly locks, to Amber Heard managing a severe Updo, all hair styles seemed to be represented at the awards show. Cardi B went for no styling at all, sporting a flowered hat to match her dress and Posy Malone, represented that male hair style that was just a ‘stylish’ mess atop his head.

It has always been our opinion that stricter styles make it harder for men and women who wear hair to get by. True, Guci Image technicians can fit and style any hair unit or extension to whatever our Northern New Jersey hair clients wish. But with less restrictions on the style of the day, with celebrities truly revealing an ‘anything goes’ hair style approach, than we are all even freer to create the very best look out clients deserve…and want.

Guci Image in the modern age; perfect for you and whatever style you want.

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