Considering Hair Trends For Late Summer, Early Fall 2021…Not

Considering Hair Trends For Late Summer, Early Fall 2021…Not

Once again, we get to consider hairstyle trends…or not. This article highlights trending hairstyles now that we are slipping to the end of summer 2021. But, even though seasons change, especially in the northern NJ area where Guci Image is located, for hair wearers, summer’s end (or any season change) usually doesn’t prompt a new hair style.

Summer ending, seasons changing, styles coming and going, as we have mentioned plenty of times, these are not a hair replacement salon’s primary concern. The real work for the talented people of Guci Image is first and foremost providing a client with an undetectable hair replacement solution, then considering (sometimes even skirting) fashion/trends. In the ever-evolving science and style of hair replacement, we work hard not to treat our clients as if they exist in amber, stuck in time with the hair we fit them with and service. But we also know a new season slipping in, or looking to change one’s style on a whim, has to be tempered with the work we do.

Consistency, as much in what your hair looks like and where you visit to continue going to get it serviced, is critical for men and women who wear hair replacement systems, wigs, or extensions. Indeed, one can make adjustments to a CTR unit or have a Guci Image technician add or subtract grey as one sees fit. And a ‘natural’ thinning to the hair one wears works well with a client’s normal aging. But battling back thinning or balding requires a certain commitment to halt certain changes that only our clients and Guci Image ever know about.

And these changes have not very much to do with the capricious wind of style wafting this way or that. And seeing all the changes the past year-and-a-half brought to the world, a little consistency certainly goes a long way, no matter where we find it.

Guci Image stays consistent with you.

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