“Going Natural,” Whether At The Emmys or In Life

“Going Natural,” Whether At The Emmys or In Life

With the 2014 Emmys just passed, summer almost over, there is a lot of thought to wearing hair natural. If you caught sight of Jessica Lange or Allison Janey at the Emmy’s you saw lots of long tresses seemingly hanging loose and natural (yes, with a fair amount of product applied to be sure.) And given that windy colder days will be upon us soon, where men and women both will be dealing with inclement weather (if you happen to live in the Northern N.J. area where our Guci Image salon is) you won’t want to be messing so much with your hair as it comes and goes up and out of hats and scarves.

So “going natural,” whether we our prompted from Jessica Lange’s look or just because of what we know will be easier to deal with, seems prudent for us all.

Guci Image of course works from this simple criteria, then progresses outward. If you want highlights in your SHE Extensions, yes we can provide them; a severe cut to the hair we provide via Microfusion, surely you and your stylist will manage exactly what you are after; looking for some wave to your CTR, we can order the next go-round of units to have it. But first and foremost you know we are after natural looking, feeling, falling hair. We “go natural” in the only way we know how, by creating some of the most natural looking hair replacement available today.

In the end, “visibility” as our President Joe Lore says, is what is key. This is why you come to us on a regular basis, why we use only natural products, why we have opted with our CTR units for a shorter lifespan of individual units but the most natural materials for its construction.

Your free Guci Image consultation is merely a click or phone call away. Go natural now. Contact us now.







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