Back To Our Dark Roots?

Back To Our Dark Roots?

Stylists have opined for quite some time (at least as long as this trend has been occurring) that in an attempt to cover grey roots ‘older’ female celebs ‘dip-dye’ their roots dark. Of course what our celebrities do we follow and now even younger ladies-like so many of those mid-30’s Bravo T.V. reality show stars-have taken to coloring their hair this way. Certainly, what used to be the biggest sin in hair coloring seems to now be de rigueur as women are unabashedly showing their dark roots, young or old, celebs or the everyday gal.

As with every trend that quickly flashes across the full range of our modern day styles, Guci Image is aware of the latest, sometimes not so greatest, but is ever cautious of what’s ‘out there.’ Certainly we expertly apply color, shading and even graying into our units and extensions, but it could certainly coax more notice then you might want making your roots overly dark to the rest of your hair color. When it comes to wearing hair, masking your grey in the dark root dip-dying way might possibly bring the wrong kind of attention to the hair-that-you-wear.

Guci Image-and our clients-are well aware that thinning hair on men and women constitute aging for so many of us. But there are quite a few male clients who wear a ‘naturally’ graying CTR unit, and plenty of women who concede a lighter-than-their-natural hair color shade to their extensions to cover and even concede to graying without ever showing/saying they are.

This is the petard we swing from at all times here at our Paramus, NJ salon. How far to go, how natural to remain, how much we want a CTR unit or a wig to not only cover thinning, but mask age? At the ‘root’ of wearing hair is a desire to grow gracefully into our ‘mature’ years while not avoiding them so vigorously we bring unwanted scrutiny to ourselves.




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