In The Here-&-Now Of Hair Replacement

In The Here-&-Now Of Hair Replacement

As ‘neighbors’ of ours-or at least fellow transplanted New Jersians-Guci feels it is worth noticing the recent hirsute doings of Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric Decker. Not only stars of the E! reality show “Eric & Jessie: Game On” but with Eric a new wide receiver for the Jets and JJD a singer in her own right, the couple makes lots of news. They also have no compunction to rockin’ hair…in a multitude of ways. Jessie sports ‘big’ hair styles she is as teased about as she revels in and her husband is smack dab in the middle of the Movember men’s health fund raiser, growing his own thick mustache in a show of support.

As we have all been witness to, fashion and trends change and any new attempt to raise money or awareness need grab the public’s attention. From the Movember movement to a good old country gal wanting to sport a bouffant, there is nothing new under the sun these days when it comes to what any of us might wear on any given day.

With the holidays on the way any number of retail trends begin to slip into the mainstream and that could include new fashions to products for skin and hair care to even hair cut styles. The thing to realize-as we all do, but maybe do not readily think about when trying to chase a trend of getting caught up in a E! reality show-is that, in time, no matter what ‘it’ is that grips our present style sensibility, or how ever cool ‘it’ seems to be, ‘this too shall pass.’

What does no ‘pass’ for those of us wearing hearing, seeking Low Laser Light Treatments, even those who have yet to contact Guci Image to make a change to their thinning hair status, is Guci’s concern, first and foremost, to get our clients on their way of getting their confidence back. Trends, causes, a strict adherence to long-ago looks, it’s all part and parcel of life, we know, but Guci Image is concerned with the here-and-now to hair replacement.


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