The Today Show’s Tips To Hair Salon Visitors

The Today Show’s Tips To Hair Salon Visitors

The Today show just released a 6-mistakes-to-avoid list for clients visiting their reopened hair salon. At our Paramus, N.J. hair replacement salon, we are working diligently to keep the CDC COVID-19 guidelines in place. So far we have surfed the situation swimmingly, with the full consideration and cooperation of our clients.

The Today article (seen here) first suggests that customers don’t “Show Up With Guests.” Given the extra-personal kind of service Guci Image engages in, we know clients don’t usually bring guests. Even before the pandemic, we’d see very few people who were not Guci Image clients waiting on our lobby couch reading a magazine.

In keeping with another point in the article for very few people in the salon space at a time, our protocols now are for clients to call us from the parking lot when they arrive. This way, we can make entirely sure that one client leaves and the next one enters our salon after they do, and we will only ever attend to one customer at a time.

Other tips include what seems to be a very logical suggestion that clients who don’t feel well shouldn’t be coming to the salon (or out anywhere, really). Each Guci Image hair wear client (and our workers) are subjected to temperature testing to alert us to someone who might be potentially sick.

But the tip we feel might be one of the most important, at least where everyone’s state of mind is concerned, is when the article suggests, “Don’t forget to be patient with your stylist.” As we work to be even more flexible with scheduling needs and the deliveries of our product suppliers, we’ve seen (but we had no doubt would come to pass) our Guci Image clients being patient to the nth degree.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us model the future of Guci Image hair replacement operation to fit these trying times. Al Roker would be proud of you.

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