Gray Hair Extensions, Anyone?

Gray Hair Extensions, Anyone?

A whole host of posts weighed in this week over fall hair color trend anticipation, as stylists and bloggers often do at the end of summer, just like they do at the beginning of summer. And while Yahoo has this one about “toasted caramel” being one of the fall trends and MSN chocolate cherry color hair,” it seems gray hair is all the rage when it comes to hair extensions.

As you’ll read here at Glamour UK, it seems that celebrities like Megan Fox (featured in the UK piece) as well as not-so-famous ladies embraced their gray/silver during the pandemic. When getting out to a salon for one’s usual coloring couldn’t happen, lots of folks simply did not want to go to the trouble coloring their hair at home. This culture change seemed to inform a “gray-hair movement,” and adding this with what is being called a ‘normalization’ of people admitting to wearing clip-ins, ponytail extenders, and clipped-in falls, it stands to reason the current trend of gray hair extensions are pretty much being embraced en masse.

Of course, this isn’t exactly how we see hair extensions at Guci Image.

Our Cold-Fusion extensions are not temporary fashion add-ons. Yes, they have a finite amount of longevity, as any hair extension does (about 4-6 months), but our extensions, made of 100% human hair, are made to add volume and a naturally fuller and longer look to the wearer’s hair. Not glued, sewn, or bonded, instead attached via unique sonic wave technology, surely we are looking to set a woman’s style in a much more lasting fashion beyond just answering what might be trending.

As you have read here plenty and know from what any Guci Image technician would tell you, we champion anyone wanting to wear their hair any way they like, whatever the style or color…or even not wearing hair at all. But there are certain things we see come, and certainly go, trending past our New Jersey hair replacement salon, not meant for long-serving hair replacement or hair restoration.  

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