A Week Beyond That Slap And All Hair’s Well

A Week Beyond That Slap And All Hair’s Well

Oscars, Grammy’s, oh my! With so many awards happening (and so much happening at them, thank you, Will Smith!), it’s hard to keep up with our celebrities, not get stuck in all their “Who are you wearing” couture and certainly their hairstyles. Sure, Doja Cat’s Grammy futuristic updo spun heads around, and WET hairstyles were all the rage at the Oscars; still, in the crush of the back-patting (more like face-slapping) season, we might fail to notice recent hair-making news that was not part of any award show red carpet or on-stage slapping.

For those Guci Image clients who grew up on the seminal silly 60’s sitcom “The Munsters” (and judging from the medium age of our clients, there are probably plenty who loved that show on its first time around), there has been quite the buzz about Rob Zombie’s big-screen remake of the show. More and more pictures have been released from the set of the movie, showing the various actors in their Munster character garb. But in one unusual ironic twist, horror movie host/queen Elvira (real Cassandra Peterson) will appear in the movie not in her form-fitting low-cut black vamp dress and without her sky-high jet black bouffant. The picture of Peterson that was released, playing a super conservatively dressed (and hair styled) “Barbara Carr” (see the picture here on her Instagram account), would make even her most ardent fans doubt who they are seeing.

There was also Megan Fox displaying bangs this week, while her legions of fans gasped with excitement, and Kris Jenner also ‘flipped the script’ on her usual pixie cut, fixing her famous locks in a cropped bob with a whisp. All just in time for the new streaming “The Kardashians,” show premiering on Hulu this month.

Coming into our Paramus hair restoration salon monthly, going about your daily routine, we realize all these Hollywood and celebrity hair concerns, sightings and news can’t really amount to much. But occasionally, we just like to report on some hair news…during award shows and not.

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