New Year, New Do: Kit Harington’s Big Changes Like Yours?

New Year, New Do: Kit Harington’s Big Changes Like Yours?

The New Year begets new hair everyone talks about? Maybe not for Guci Image clients who come to use monthly to maintain the color, cut, the overall ‘visuality’ of a CTR unit or SHE Extensions. But when you are a hunk-y celebrity appearing on the super popular Game of Thrones out and about walking a red carpet premier a mere 5 days into 2015 sporting even a slight new do, the Twitter feed gets a jumping and the blog-o-sphere gets a blogging….as it did for Kit Harington (he plays the character “Jon Snow” on the hit H.B.O show).

It’s actually in Harington’s contract to not cut his hair while filing GOT (wigs are just not part of what he’s allowed) but as anyone who watches the show knows, characters ‘leave’ with frightening quickness and usually in bloody ways on Games of Thrones. It’s good news, and implied job security, that Harington has been asked to keep his hair as it was for as long as he has.

The Guci Image client ‘keeping’ their hair anyway they want, into 2015 and beyond takes as much consideration as one of our clients wanting a new cut, color or style. A little head’s up (pardon the pun) on plans you might have for your hair in the New Year will prepare your Guci technicians (the man or lady who works on your hair on a monthly basis as well as those who create the extensions and units) make it possible for us to facilitate what you desire.

Marching into 2015 we can only hope that the changes that do come your way make you ever happy and healthy. Your premier hair restoration salon in Paramus, N.J. will be with you, as we always are, every step of the way to help you realize whatever your 2015 hair dreams are….old, new or something in between

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