Home Solutions To Hair Loss and Restoration?

Home Solutions To Hair Loss and Restoration?

Home laser comb kits, topical solutions, pills…the hair raising amount of hair restoration remedies available to the public is astounding. Yes, some of us (men mostly) can go gentle into that hair-thinning night, are perfectly ok with presenting a bald dome to the world and for those people Guci Image says, you go your own way, we go ours. But for men and women who simply want their hair back the way it was prior to it thinning, we certainly understand why there would be so many over-the-counter approaches to hair regrowth and replacement.

But do they work?

There is just no conclusive evidence to make even a good guess on what one can affect at home in the way of hair regrowth and scalp rejuvenation. Topical solutions have been known to work, our own White Diamond Treatment is testament to the positive effects of laser light (and ultra sonic waves) applications, but Guci Image can only speak to the positive results seen from the consistent work of trained technicians in hair restoration salons like ours.

It’s big business out there for the manufactures of home products and solutions. One can certainly find a spate of stuff to fuel one’s curiosity about home remedies on hair regrowth or thickening. But we are in the business to offer a learned application of scientifically proven methods born from hard work and years of research in controlled environments.

Men and women come to Guci Image because of what we know, what we have tried and what we consistently work at.

In the end (or more precisely ‘at the top’) you will not be happy with anything less than the very best application, the most precisely considered service, the tried-and-true well-vetted work of a professional when it comes to your hair restoration. Do you truly want to leave what is so important to you…to yourself?

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