Hair or Not, Everybody Is ‘Out There’

Hair or Not, Everybody Is ‘Out There’

As we have seen in our past decades, providing men and women with thinning hair and balding with sure solutions, there are those people we know who are perfectly fine going bald.

To each his own, we say.

In this recent New York Times article, we learn about a TikTok/Youtube personality whose postings about his balding have passed into the millions of views. In his videos, viewers watch Zeph Sanders trying various hair regrowth methods, journeying with him over his attempts to halt his balding. Not to miss an opportunity to monetizing his popularity, Sanders receives a commission for every person who buys a particular hair loss gel he has been seen using, and he also gets a commission on sales of the scalp massagers, baseball caps, and many other products he has linked to his profile. And while, indeed, there are many hair loss or balding videos splashed across various social media platforms, Sanders claims the “hair-growth content” he posts on both TikTok and YouTube has earned him as much as seven thousand dollars a month.

Yes, there are many ways to make money online, as much as a service you might provide, such as being brutally honest about your hair loss.

In Sanders’ case, people sympathize with him trying to keep or regrow his hair. In many other instances, people rally around folks embracing their baldness. But seeing as hair wearers go out of their way NOT to have their hair scrutinized and don’t usually admit to wearing a male CTR unit or a wig, we don’t find as many postings about folks wearing hair across TikTok or Youtube.

It certainly doesn’t mean the population of hair wearers is not on social media or not growing by leaps and bounds daily. Just from Guci Image’s POV alone, we know they are. No matter the hair, people are out there. 

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