Did You Ever Once Consider Not Wearing Your Hair In Light Of The Pandemic?

Did You Ever Once Consider Not Wearing Your Hair In Light Of The Pandemic?

This article, appearing in the New York Times this week, part of their regular ASK VANESSA column asks a time-honored question: “Should I Go Gray?” During the past year’s lockdown, lots of the regular appointments we usually kept, for hairstyling, nail care, or much of anything else, were at first impossible to make and then, when things loosened up, difficult to schedule. As you know, Guci Image did and is still working to do our best to accommodate our clients, but we know lots of people were coming to consider if during the pandemic they should finally “go grey” or just let their hairstyles grow out.

Were hair-wearers wondering also if they should or should not wear their hair any longer?

Being fitted for, attending to regular appointments, considering a specific style (and yes, even slow ‘gray’-dation) as well as what cut serves your extension, CTR, or wig best, becomes something one integrates into one’s life. Making a change in how you look, restoring your confidence, ‘beating back the years’ by covering your balding and thinning takes a sure commitment and a restructuring even of how one looks at life. When the challenging times come, as they do for us all (and they certainly have been challenging during this past year), a Guci Image customer could easily find themselves reconsidering their commitment to wearing hair.

But what’s the alternative?

Clients come to our New jersey hair restoration salon because they do not want to look at themselves bald or thinning any longer. A few ‘in-home tact-downs or maybe catching up on considering some extra grey should not deter us from what we have wanted all along, before the COVID-19 pandemic and what we will want after it is long gone.

There is no new normal for a Guci Image customer. Wearing hair is normal and will forever be. 

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