Traveling For Your Hair?

Traveling For Your Hair?

When a venerable news organization like Newsweek posts a story, readers tend to take notice. When that story is about a Colorado woman who traveled to Turkey for new hair extensions, you can bet we here at Guci Image are interested.

In this piece, posted this week, we learn that Bryn Wright, who used to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, twice a year for her keratin hair extension fittings, began looking further afield for the same extensions and procedure. Prices were rising too quickly and high at her usual salon, and when Bryn weighed how much she paid even across only the two times she went in for her extensions, the 28-year-old was sure she could find a cheaper option that offered the same qualities.

Traveling 6.500 miles, she found that option in Turkey.

According to Newsweek, Turkey, Colombia, and Mexico are among the most popular destinations for international tourists looking for new procedures or treatments, as Bryn proved when reaching out to and then getting on a plane to visit her stylist abroad. TikTok video about her adventure, captioned “Normalize traveling abroad for services,” earned her over 1.4 million views since its recent posting. The young woman must have surely hit a nerve calling out high prices and services that can be gotten beyond one’s familiar surroundings.

We hope your regular trip to our Paramus, NJ salon is your best option for the hair you wear. Competitive pricing, the very best hair solutions, and state-of-the-art materials and procedures (yes, we also use Keratin in our “Cold Fusion” by Great Lengths extensions) are what we pride ourselves on. But we always encourage hair replacement and restoration clients to seek other salons and providers, confident that the men and women needing our services will always find Guci Image presenting the best option.

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