The 2019 Met Gala Is NOT Where You’ll Find Your Style

The 2019 Met Gala, with its theme this year of ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion,’ certainly, once again, captured cultural imagination. For those of us who have even a passing interest in haute couture, celebrity fashion, and certainly, for us Guci Image customers wearing hair, there was lots to take notice of this week across the pink steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Couture Costume Institute Gala.
Yes, the dresses on display were eye-arresting. From Bella Hadid’s long black gown with its hip cutouts, to co-host Jennifer Lopez in her plunging silvery and shimmery Versace, or Adwoa Aboah sporting a leopard print gown trailing a train spreading five pink steps long. But it was the accessories, lots of them hats and headpieces, that made the most news (beyond Lady Gaga peeling out of three outfits down to her bra and panties all the while walking down the red carpet).
Jared Leto (sporting some of the best hair by far of any Hollywood guy) accessorized holding a facsimile of his own head. Cara Delevingne wore a headpiece made of eyes balls, teeth, fingers and bananas. And Katy Perry came outfitted as a human chandelier complete with lit light bulbs hanging off her hips and head.
In the ‘real’ world where most Guci Image customers reside, outrageous fashions, wild accessories, and over-the-top hairstyles are not really what’s being considered first and foremost. Events like the Met Gala allow us all a peak and fantasy, but beyond some Getty Images and blogs, even the elite who dress and attend this event don’t usually ever wear their clothes, or even their hair, as they do for the one-night Gala outing.
Guci Image customers though, wear hair every day. Fashion, cuts, and colors need to take us to the next day and beyond, for fantasy, reality and everything in between.