CMA’s Trending…Hair?

CMA’s Trending…Hair?

Who can say what styles trend when they do, or why they do at all? Certainly at this past Wednesday night’s CMA awards, lots of different fashion and hair styles were revealed, some old, some new, and some already trending. Now, whether one takes what’s seen at the Country Music Awards as a true pulse of the times, it’s evident what stars wear-as we report all the time and everyone surely knows-makes the rounds and influences the public plenty.

It was less Kelly Pickler’s tight blonde bob, and Christian Aguilera and Meghan Linsey nearly matching with short blonde curls, but the ultra ‘big’ hair of Natalie Stovall, Chaley Rose and especially Kacey Musgraves sporting an old-style face-framing big black mane that does get one wondering. Things got so sky high many were titling this year’s show the ‘Big Hair Who Cares’ 2014 CMA’s

Of course the men of the country music get spared a lot of derision since this is still country music (somewhat) and there are always lots of cowboy hats on hand to cover bad male cuts or balding. And in fairness to all assembeled, Dolly Parton used to (and pretty much still does) sport some sky high do’s. And country music is every bit in the glitzy pop YouTube world competing for attention, so we need to allow the stars their extra hairspray and extensions.

We understand ‘trending,’ our stylists are aware of what’s happening…we all watch award shows (we’ve even participated as a stylist for a few of them.) But you come to Guci Image for a very specific service, no matter if you wear a CTR or are continuing with LLT. With an eye on the now and the ‘wow’ we still need to incorporate the basics of what we do and certain cuts and colors, even if ‘trending’ might not always work best with what you come to us for.

‘Wearing hair’ might very well be very trending with lots of stars (you think all those full male manes and long lady locks are real?), but you are OUR star and we are always going to err on having you look your best.


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