‘Wearing Hair’ Takes A Hands-on Approach

‘Wearing Hair’ Takes A Hands-on Approach

Taking to the modern conveniences we are afforded we experience both the good and the bad. Sure social media may very well keep you well connected with friends and family, but it could be argued we simply don’t get out as much now because of it. Texting has replaced phone calls outright, but are we now texting so much our noses are literally so deep into our smartphone screens we miss most of life happening round us? It’s no surprise then that in the world of hair care, cut and color some advancements could be viewed as both bad and good, but ‘wearing hair’ ultimately requires the hands-on approach.

Take the case of eSalon for a query over whether technology hinders or helps. Customers can log on line, consult a professional colorist and come away with a personalized bottle of color well below the price they’d pay walking into a salon for the same service. Praised by both Good Housekeeping and Lucky magazines salon color experts caution against attempting this net-only approach, claiming the best-and only way-to get truly great color is by the time-honored hands-on ‘personal’ approach.

And so the debate continues over what we gain v.s. what we loose with technology.

As mentioned before, at Guci Image we rely on the hands-on approach; in fact our business could not survive without it. Really, how else could you be measured and fit for a CTR unit? How could your She Hair extension be applied and cared for again and again? You could never avail yourself of a low laser light scalp treatment without coming onto our Paramus offices. And really, until your Wii gaming system can prompt a remote control device to cut your hair you’ll be coming in for haircuts as well!

Surely we use social media here at Guci Images We have a net presence we are proud of, this blog is a product of modern technology. We are ever vetting newer scientific advances in hair care and hair wear applications. But we cannot do the job we do without seeing our clients in person.

We urge you to do just that if you have yet to make a choice about what to do about your thinning hair…see us today.  For a free consultation, click here.

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