Being Proactive About A Hair Replacement Solution Is All About The Timing

Being Proactive About A Hair Replacement Solution Is All About The Timing

As with most things in life, timing is everything when it comes to starting your hair replacement journey. Becoming ever more creative with how you part your hair, torturing your stylist with trying new cuts every time you visit your local salon, hats or scarfs becoming more a fashion necessity than an accessory, coming up with different ways of looking at yourself in the mirror (if you ever even look anymore at all); by the time you have noticed, are dealing with and trying to cover your thinning scalp the time is well upon you to do something about it.

If you indeed ever are going to do something about it.

Last year talk show host/actress Ricki Lake revealed her nearly thirty-year struggle over hair loss. In Lake’s case, her hair thinning was not as much genetic as caused by terrible over-processing styling for some films she had starred in, dieting, and hair dyes and extensions. All factors that can certainly lead to hair problems, though not the causes of hair thinning we typically see at Guci Image. Lake took a seemingly extreme solution of outing herself with a buzzcut and social media postings.

Clients coming to Guci Image or thinking about coming in are decidedly more private and want their hair back.

Of course, waiting nearly three decades to do something, or even three months is not the answer. Taking time to come into our Paramus, NJ hair loss salon (you can get in for a free consultation by filling out this form) is not as much surrendering to your hair loss as being proactive to get your confidence, youthful appearance, and hair back. But it is something you need to do now; that hair loss you are battling will only grow worse over time.

And there is no time to waste.

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