Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Many people perceive that hair loss problem is genetically inherited, and there is no other cause for it. Thanks to the beauty of science, hair loss problem can now be easily treated. Its true that it is difficult to find the exact cause for hair loss as there are several factors responsible for it such as hormones, stress, chemical treatments, drugs and pulling or tugging of the hair. As compared to women, men are more likely to suffer from hair fall. However, following a healthy diet is the key to get strong and healthy hair. You may be surprised to know that there are certain foods which rob vital nutrients from your body and damage your hair. Getting proper nutrition is a must-have and following a balanced diet is good for your overall health. According to some experts, hair loss is aggravated by an unbalanced diet, which includes too much rich food, caffeine and alcohol. Eating wrong food can cause hair loss.

Fried & Fatty Foods:

Fat-Fast-FoodIf you have been consuming fried foods and foods cooked in hydrogenated oils, then its time to stop this unhealthy habit. Oils that contain mono-saturated and saturated fat increase testosterone levels which produces DHT, a by-product that causes hair loss. Hydrogenated oils take-away essential nutrients; especially fatty acid required for hair growth. A certain amount of fat is important for growth of hair, and when it reaches at the higher level, it reduces the proportion of protein which affects hair growth.


alcohol-hair-lossA regular consumption of alcohol is not only bad for your body, but also for your hair. If taken in moderation, it may not pose any health risks. Excessive intake of alcohol can deplete zinc proportion from the body and cause hair loss. Zinc nutrition deficiency weakens the cells, which can result in hair loss in case of cells on the scalp and lesions on the skin. This is one of the prominent signs of zinc deficiency and Hair Loss.


Sugary foods:

Sugery-productTo prevent hair loss, you should stop eating foods which contain artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are unnatural and man-made and there is nothing healthy about them. Avoid artificial sweeteners foods such as baked goods, ice cream, jellies, candy and fruit juice. Soft drinks or carbonated drinks also have sweeteners that causes blood sugar levels to spike up. According to some experts, there is a close relation between male pattern baldness and excess blood sugar.

Canned fruits, white bread have high glycemic indices which creates surplus of insulin. This affects healthy hair growth. Eat foods with low glycemic indices which reverses hair loss and hair thinning. According to the FDA, the artificial sweetener aspartame can cause hair loss and thinning hair too. Such sugary foods accelerates aging process and that often leads to dry scalp and hair loss. Sugar is also known to inhibit your ability to handle stress and stress is a major contributing factor that leads to hair loss.

Regular High protein diet:

the-best-high-protein-foods- Your body may get high protein usually by eating animal foods such as meat or fish. An ounce of meat or fish has approximately 7 grams of protein. This results in the production of uric acid in high concentration which gets build up in the blood as your body cannot digest it. The excess amount of uric acid causes your hair to fallout. High protein diet also strips off essential nutrients such as Calcium and other fluids from your body. It may also cause the arteries to become filled with plaque, and this prevents the cells in the scalp from receiving the proper nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Salt in Food:

Salf FoodToo much salt in food is another reason for hair loss. Salt increases blood pressure and causes hypertension. Proper supply of blood to the scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Getting balanced amount of iodine and sodium promotes hair growth. Excessive intake of iodine can actually inhibit your thyroid production of hormones, which can in turn result in hypothyroidism and subsequent hair loss.

Considerations for healthy hair

When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not just about using an expensive shampoo or conditioner, rather it is about what you eat to fortify hair growth. Follow a healthy diet to promote hair growth faster. Because the hair is all about protein, include foods which are protein rich, but in moderation. Eggs are a great source of protein and loaded with other minerals like iron and zinc. Iron helps to carry oxygen to hair follicles and saves you from hair problems.

To get stronger hair, you can eat salmon which is rich is protein and vitamin D. If salmon fish does not thrill you, other fishes such as sardines, trout, and mackerel can also do the trick for you. Leafy vegetables are anytime good for your body, as well as hair. They are a great source of iron and helps to keep hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating. Include these simple foods in your diet to get all nutrients in moderate amount. If you eat a balanced, varied, protein-rich diet, you’ll be giving your hair the tender loving care it needs and deserves.

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