Fifty Shades Of…Hair

Fifty Shades Of…Hair

Whether the jury is out or in on the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, one things is certain, the movie, as the E.L. James novel it is based on, is getting lots of attention.  T.V. personalities like Ellen DeGeneres, to Today show’s Al Rocker and Matt Lauer (prompted by Ellen DeGeneres) have ‘dressed the part’ in hilarious send-ups and you can read just about everywhere online people weighing in for or against stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

But do you notice when it comes to anything of this nature, we don’t hear so much about hair styles and cuts as we do clothes? Surely a good haircut or new color to your locks can make you feel and look good, but at Guci Image we believe having good hair makes one feel sexier in a deeper way then just wearing a hot outfit ever will.

What we give our customers at Guci (beyond hair extensions of applying our White Diamond process) is a boost to their confidence. Through the years of enduring hair loss, attempting to stave off the inevitable wearing hats, scarves or trying a bunch of topical solutions that just don’t ever really cut it, one’s confidence erodes as hair thins. “Going grey” might hint at a sign of aging for many of us, but a regular application of hair dye can help with this particular problem; losing one’s hair is an entirely different worry.

We know exactly what balding men and women feel and we do our utmost to make them feel good about themselves with our applications and products.

Dress as you like, under or away of the influence of Mr. Grey, but know that what boosts the confidence of our clients most assuredly is the award winning good work we do daily with hair restoration and replacement.


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