The New York Times this week reports on the rising popularity, of hair jewelry. Seen last fall at the Met Gala (most notably on Rihanna) and award shows during the year, what has been described as a “cherry on top” or “makeup for hair” seems to be something lots of people are enjoying. Detachable clips, tiaras, brooches, and jewel pins are being sold from high-end haute couture houses to costume jewelry centers, making the trend so very trending. 

As we always say at our Paramus offices, when it comes to hair trends or styles…have at it, to each his own; “you do you.” But as any hair restoration salon would have to declare, one word rises above trends, new colors, the cyclic nature of fashion: practicality.

If you can’t easily manage your lace wig, male hair unit, extensions, or whatever else you come to Guci Image for, what good are we doing you? Or are you doing yourself? Sure, there is a level of attention the hair wearer and their technician need to adhere to, but for the most part we want you walking free of just another regular appoint with us, not worrying about your hair.

We need to keep things practical.

The problem is we are inundated with new trends like hair jewelry every second of the day. We take to Instagram posts and Twitter feeds to influence our lives and styles; when we all know, whatever is popular today will be replaced by something else deemed popular tomorrow. A Chris Appleton throws up another TikTok video (his latest, see here, of how he masters the Updo) and we all feel ‘out of the loop’ unless we try what he is promoting.

Whether you find following the capricious wind of trends for fun, or hoping to stay stylish, one thing is for certain, for a hair wearer, this pursuit might not prove to be so very practical.

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