Lady Gaga Maybe At It Again…But You Can’t Change So Fast

From meat dresses, to more-then-a-little unusual stage antics (some would say woefully gross) to certainly changing her style as much as possible, Lady Gaga is the last word on modern-day stars pushing their image to the limit. The Lady has now taken an even bigger step in altering her look by sporting chocolate-colored frizzy curls. See this pic from her recent Instagram feed.The capricious considerations of our celebrities can see some curious changes, but we’re not all blessed with the ability, time and money to change-up whatever we like when we like. And if you ‘wear hair’ your cut, style and color changes certainly can’t come so fast and often times take some consideration.

Though you might step into the Guci Image offices on schedule, your new CTR units are waiting to be changed-up, your extensions are attended to at regular intervals, your White Diamond treatments metered-out perfectly. looking for big changes in what we do for you takes gradual design and long planning. Suddenly walking around with a different color or cut draws attention to your hair and in the work we do the last thing we ever want is to draw attention to your hair.

At least the wrong kind of attention.

The business of wearing hair is about undetectable extension additions, the slow progression of adding hair to a thinning scalp, etc. If we do make changes to a unit you currently wear, change-up the style, shape or length of an extension, if you and your stylist consult long and hard to adding some gray or thinning slightly to account for aging, or changing up a cut entirely, we need to introduce these changes gradually so they seem natural. In the end we always want your hair to look natural.

Yes, we all might want to act as impulsively as a Lady Gaga, but surely we who wear hair cannot.



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