Fashion Rocks…So Do You

Fashion Rocks…So Do You

 Whether fashion truly did rock at the Fashion Rocks show held Tuesday night, is anyone’s guess. Certainly music stars like Usher and Kiss came out to the Barclay’s Center with the likes of super models and designers. But as these shows go, the marriage of couture and music works in some cases and in others is doesn’t. But there was style, celebrity and what seems like the latest hair trend on display.

Singer Rita Ora seemed to borrow designer Marc Jacobs’ recent models’ look sporting as she sported a mohawk made of multiple knots and a spiky fringe. The do was designed Guido Palau for his new take on old trends for the fall Fashion Weeks occuring around the world presently.

Can you wear a style so severe?

The cardinal rule with wearing hair is never sporting a color/cut/style that might invite all that much scrutiny. Not that we at Guci Image fear detection-let’s face it what we create, develope and fit you with is done so for maximum visibility-it’s just that when you wear hair you want to do so with aplomb, blend-a-bility, freedom to just be in a crowd, look your best. When you stand out you want to do so because of the inner glow of renewed confidence you feel from wearing your hair not because your cut is so severe everyone just has to notice you.

Even those celebrities who do wear hair (and to be sure there were a ton of them on hand at Fashion Rocks to be sure…you think make-up is the only thing some of the members of Kiss put on before they take the stage?) want to look their best and not sport anything that can be detected.

A mohawk might not be in your future, but good wearable hair is with Guci Image.


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