No, You’re Not Ivanka

And you thought your hair was important?!
America’s first daughter (and senior White House adviser) Ivanka Trump traveled to South America, promoting her father’s administration’s ‘Women Economic Empowerment Initiative.’ But what most people were talking about across Twitter last week was Ivanka’s new blonde bob. In the face of what is happening around the world and what good Ivanka might be doing with our southern neighbor, as public attention always seems to be, people seem to be most interested in what our representatives and celebrities look like.
Who is interested in what you look like? Family members, friends, spouse, or lover? The person whose opinion we should most be interested in should be ourselves. This ‘interest,’ taking the initiative of making sure we look the way we want to look, starts with us, doesn’t it? This is what we have the flood of New Jersey hair replacement clients we do; men and women took an interest in their balding or thinning hair and came to us to do something about it.
We know how long it can take someone to consider what they might want and if they might even want…to finally come to our NJ hair replacement salon. But as much as the buck stops with Guci Image when it comes to expert hair replacement, the need must first come from you for wanting to start wearing hair. Certainly, none of us endure the scrutiny a Presidents daughter does, but no matter who tells you what about your hair, good or bad, you gave to want to do something about your balding.
Your hair, your confidence, your youthful appearance, just the everyday thought of walking around with hair you can show off, is to start, and always continue from your needs. Just know Guci Image is ready and always here for those needs.