We Cannot Tell A Lie About Our Prices

This week a lock of George Washington’s hair sold for $35,000.00. And even though the sprig of hair came from the family of Alexander Hamilton, with a note from Hamilton’s son Alexander proving the artifact’s authenticity, this hair pricing is well beyond most people’s wildest imaginings. At Guci Image, we know we need to keep our hair replacement pricing well within your imaginings.
Yes, we are fully aware of the many hair replacement options our clients can find in the Northern New Jersey area. Manhattan is just a bridge or tunnel away and products and procedures are bursting out of the “The Big Apple” for men and women looking for healthier hair and ever-more realistic hair replacement possibilities. So pricing and quality for that pricing is something Guci Image strives hard to deliver and we are challenged by daily.
Cut, color, CTR units, DHSA procedures; what we offer is very specialized. Painstaking research goes into all that we develop and scientific methods are double and triple-checked to create the many Guci-exclusive procedures and materials we have on hand.
The amount of money any one of us regularly spends for the frivolous of ‘stuff’ is staggering when we sit back and consider it. And we all know that prices, in all aspects of life, is a concern to be sure; not much gets cheaper in the daily grind. But what you come to the Guci Image salon for is something that dramatically effects your overall quality of life. In the hair replacement business that old axiom: “You get what you pay for is, true.” Pay for the best, we say.
We appreciate how much you spend with us, but like good old George W., we can’t tell a lie: you’re getting the very best for the money you spend at Guci Image