Katy’s Wig Style Ain’t Yours

Starting with a severe short black bob, one side dipping down longer than the other, then into an equally black and straight Cleopatra style wig (the likes of which we have seen her wear before), then sporting tight spiral curls pulled back and then just the good old straight hair pony to a black and white triple geometric shape construction piled high atop her head, Katy Perry once again rocks some wild retro styles in her new video for “How We Do.”

Yes we are used to our pop diva’s popping into and out of wigs and outfits at blinding speed both in their videos and during stage performances. But at Guci Image wigs are a serious matter of usually unchanging state (or if we are changing your wig for you it is done after long consideration and strategizing between you and your stylist) for those ladies who wear a wig as their regular hair.

Wearing hair, whether wig, extentions, CTR unit is a lifestyle, pure and simply. It is also what Guci Image does best…pure and simple. Let the Katy Perry’s of the world play with their look, change-up at the flickering instant of video,;we have a longer set purpose in mind when ladies come to us looking to make a marketable change in their appearance, bolster their confidence, and battle their thinning hair.

When hats and scarves no longer ‘do it’ for you, when ever-more creative haircuts exhaust your patience and budget, when you finally want to make a permanent change in your hair care, we suggest looking into Guci Image Lace Wigs. They are just one of the many hair options we present for women.

The initial consultation with Guci Image is free. See “How We Do “what we do with wigs and how we can do it for you by contacting us here.


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Guci Image Inc