There Is No Battle Of The Sexes When It Comes To Hair Loss

Surely there is no denying that men and women are different…beyond the obvious physical distinctions. But when it comes to hair loss (which can-and does-happen to women) men and women both can be greatly affected. Surely our society accepts, and in some cases, champions male pattern baldness as an all-too-frequent reality, while women often suffer a stigma born from the infrequency of female hair thinning. But for many guys and gals, gender does not change the fact that hair loss changes their lives. Simply put, there is no Battle Of The Sexes when it comes to hair loss. Too many balding men and women are too busy battling for an answer of how to stop their hair from falling out and restore their confidence.

Luckily Guci Image is winning the war of hair loss for these battling men and women both.

Balding does not discriminate, so why should we? Our technicians are trained to answer male as well as female hair loss problems with the many techniques and services Guci Image has taken years to perfect. Men and women both, of any age, seek us out to exploit the well-earned reputation Guci enjoys and come away time and again thrilled with what we can offer in hair replacement, scalp treatments, and all the many other services Guci Image offers at our Paramus, New Jersey offices.

That classic Battle Of The Sexes might continue in some other area of society, but it does not rage at Guci Image. We treat men and women equally for their hair loss concerns, despite what society condones or criticizes. It is for the individual to decide, despite their gender, how they feel about balding…and what they might want to do about it.

If you are a man or woman who wants to do something about your hair loss, contact Guci Image now.

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