Second Thoughts About Hair Replacement…Never

Second Thoughts About Hair Replacement…Never

The one thing we don’t see is clients regretting their hair replacement. On the contrary, what we provide, not just in seemingly thick locks, modern styling, judicious color, and exemplary hair, leads to something most Guci Image clients cannot rightly ignore (beyond just the look of the hair they wear); the return of youthful exuberance and a rise in confidence.

It was interesting to note then that this week, the self-proclaimed “human Ken doll,” a well-known personality created from the new celebrity-making TikTok universe, proclaimed he had regrets over spending close to $100,000 on all of his many cosmetic surgeries. Having flown across the globe to achieve his desired look, David Kosir, known online as @plasticbotchedboy, became obsessed with the chasing his various and often startling changes, all of which began in 2019.

“I’ve lost my identity; I am no one,” Kosir captioned a recent TikTok video, where he shows that he has already removed his filler. But not to doubt the young man’s popularity, with or without his ‘extras,’ this video from Kosir amassed 4.3 million views. We indeed live in an age where cosmetic surgery, even those seemingly drastic in measure, make the news.

Here is a more extensive dive into this story that seems so part and parcel of our modern times. 

By the time a hair replacement client has come to accept that they are losing their hair, then subsequently search for a solution to their balding or thinning, they are usually committed to some sort of change. Indeed, not everyone comes to a hair replacement salon in Paramus New Jersey or opts for hair replacement even. But, over time, we have seen that once someone sees, and then further enjoys, what Guci Image can do and does for them, their only regret might be in not coming to us earlier.

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