Spring Trending Styles Springing Right Up At You

Spring Trending Styles Springing Right Up At You

Influenced or not by an online article titled: “6 Hair Trends You’re About To See Everywhere This Spring—Stylists Say They’re ‘So Flattering’ For Women Over 40” (see here), there’s no denying that this is the time of year that men and women both consider their hairstyles more than most. But what’s really coming, and does it affect you, the Guci Image hair wearer?

The above article concerns lady’s styles and colors. Mentioning first Hailey Bieber’s new bob cut sporting what the net calls an ‘expensive brunette’ color, we have to think that this super popular model/media personality could afford any price of the latest TikTok trend of glossy deep brown coloring with its caramel-tinted hues.

New cut considerations include the “Mob” haircut, nothing much more than a medium ‘bob.’ The “Butterfly Cut,” good for thinner locks, seems to be a riff on the oh-so-trendy 90s blowout where short layers are used on top to make hair seem thicker. And the ubiquitous ‘shag’ is on the rise. 

Salt-and-pepper strands for concerns of greying as much as Herringbone highlights which include natural grey into overall hair color, are both popular; this look seen presently on stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston.

For men, according to this article, it’s expected that there will be an overall ‘tidying up’ of cuts and color. There is said to be a trend towards more balance in men’s styles, less drastic short sides and long backs and tops, and more uniformity overall. Texture also seems to be critical (something we attempt to give our male clients in spades with our lifelike CTR units).

As to color, men as much ‘go grey’ as not. 

Yes, we see it all at our Paramus New Jersey salon, the fad, the long-cyclic style, and the trend. But no matter what, one needs to have hair to enjoy any of the above, and in the end, that’s what Guci Image provides, trends or not.

Enjoy the Spring, everyone.

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