What Is Low Level Laser Therapy?

In this era, almost every individual suffers from some or the other kind of hair loss issues especially in their late 30s. People are looking for effective hair loss treatment solution to revive their lost appearance and confidence. There are many hair replacement procedures and products available in the market. However, one of the latest and most advanced hair loss treatments is Low Level Laser Therapy. It helps both men and women suffering from hair loss to achieve thicker and fuller hair. This is a non-invasive surgery proven to give effective and satisfactory results.

What is low level laser therapy?


When it comes to low level laser therapy, the procedure aims at regrowing the hair that is lost due to aging or male pattern baldness. The procedure works in such a way that it stimulates the area around the scalp to produce red blood cells. These red blood cells then increase the amount of oxygen reaching the scalp. This results in the increase of the rate of respiration around the scalp. When the rate of respiration around the scalp increases this stimulates the scalp to increase its cellular activity. This then triggers the hair follicles to start a new cycle again. The result is that in time, areas that had hair loss will begin to show signs of hair growth.


Effect Of Low Level Laser Therapy  


The result depends on how long you have experienced hair loss, your cause and generally many other health considerations (genetics, hormones, etc).


LLLT for hair loss does not have overnight success solution. It takes time, anywhere from 12 weeks – 12 months. Just as your hair has been falling out gradually, it will take that same gradual process for your hair to be restored. That being said, for those that are eligible to use this product, the results will be worth the wait.


Low level laser therapy for hair loss is definitely proving to be worth the investment. Make sure you have a word with your Dermatologist or Physician first on what type of low intensity laser therapy would be most beneficial for you.

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