Yoga To Prevent Hair Loss

Yoga To Prevent Hair Loss

Do you envy others for having healthy and lustrous hair? There’s no denying the fact that everyone aspires to have good hair. For both men and women, hair completes the overall look, but it can be an awkward feeling when you suddenly lose your hair. In the modern world, many people are suffering from hair loss problems mostly because of stressful life, unhealthy eating habits, pollution and more. All these problems take a toll on your healthy hair growth. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you review your lifestyle. By making certain lifestyle changes you can have a control over lifestyle related hair loss.

You won’t believe, but natural methods for tackling hair fall can do wonders for you. Yoga is the best natural solution for putting all your worries to rest, whether you want to overcome stress, anxiety, indigestion or poor blood circulation. It could also reverse hair loss process and promote hair growth. The causes for hair loss varies for women and men. The main male hormone testosterone is a major cause for hair loss in men. On the other end, Telogen effluvium is the major cause for hair loss in women which occurs mainly due to pregnancy or medical surgery.

Practicing yoga can help prevent hair loss

Many people believe that yoga helps to keep you calm mentally and physically. It helps in maintaining healthy hair growth. Daily yoga move helps to improve blood circulation which increases the flow of oxygen to various parts of the body and also to the scalp. When your hair follicles receives fair amount of oxygen and blood, it results in healthy hair growth. Practicing yoga or taking time out to meditate can also help to boost your mood, and if you’re happier, you are more likely to make healthy food choices, which can improve the health of your hair. Another advantage of practicing yoga is it helps to control hair loss by balancing hormone levels in the body. For this purpose, many experts suggest inversion poses like Headstand and Shoulder-stand, which increases the flow of body fluids to different parts of the body.

Yoga Poses To Restrict Hair Loss

Breathing Yoga Exercise:

Breathing Yoga ExerciseTo practice breathing yoga exercise, sit comfortably with your erect spine. For few minutes, continue breathing normally. Begin by forcefully exhaling through both nostrils, while inhalation should be automatic. Since you inhale automatically, the abdominal muscles will relax automatically. Initially, this exercise should be done in three rounds, each consisting of 9 strokes. It has a remarkable effect on stopping hair loss.

Downward Dog Pose:

Downward Dog PoseThis is a traditional yoga pose. Start with kneeling down on your hands and feet. Next, lift hips up and back straightening you legs by forming a V-shape position. Keep your head aligned and deepen the pose. Breath deeply and hold the pose for 5-10 minutes and release it by lowering your knees. This can help to increase oxygen and blood circulation to the head and scalp, and is one of the most popular yoga poses for beginners.

Diamond Pose:

Diamond PoseThis yoga pose is the most easy and common yoga pose for beginners. Sit erect by folding your knees such that they are in touch with each other. After that put both your palm on knees or thigh. At last breathe steadily. It helps in urinary disorders, weight loss and digestion and also reduces gas in the stomach.

Shoulder Stand Pose:

Lie down on the floor and place your arms on the floor next to your body. By taking support of your Shoulder Stand Posehands, try lifting both your legs slowly upwards. For this you need to fold you hands from the elbows and your palms should hold your lower back. Shoulder Stand Pose helps to nourish the thyroid gland, which means healthy function of respiratory, alimentary, genital and nervous system. It helps to keep thyroid problems at bay which is one of the major cause for hair loss.

Standing Forward Bend pose:

Standing Forward Bend poseStanding Forward Bend pose calms the mind while stretching and rejuvenating the whole body. Begin by standing in the middle of your mat with your legs together. Stretch arms up and slowly bend forward at the waist, reaching down and grabbing hold of the back of your legs. Keep your head and neck relaxed, allowing gravity to do its work. Hold the pose for 5-10 minutes and then release it. When you do this yoga pose, blood circulation increases and this enables hair follicles to grow. This yoga pose helps to relieve stress, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, mild depression, and insomnia. Stress and depression are reasons for hair loss.

Yoga is the most effective treatment for all kinds of health problems, including hair loss. It should be best done in the morning with an empty stomach. In conjunction with your daily exercise routine, looking after a healthy and balanced diet is also important for hair. In fact, you can also practice yoga with medically proven hair loss treatments.

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